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I am trying to setup a scenario in which users can go to our site and login - get to the User Console Library and click install - BOOM. DONE! They get Office Pro Plus 2016, have a nice day.

I have installed and identified the software in the "Software Inventory". I have selected the correct OSes. I have associated installer files. I have done my custom admin Office setup with corresponding msp file. I have zipped and uploaded said software.

I have setup a UCL item with the correct software inventory item, parameters are: setup.exe /adminfile silent2016.msp. Its enabled. There are no label restrictions.

Tested on my desk on W7 Office 2010, tested in the field Office 2013. Tested on VMs. Disabled AV, disabled Anti-Malware. Tested install on desktop - no KACE. Tested on known good image and known good and stable systems.

Sometimes it works great! Perfect. Thats about 20% of the time. 
Most of the time I get nothing. No Office pop-up, no running processes.
Look in run-now status.
Sometimes I get the "can't find this device" and no Install Now button.
Sometimes I click "Install Now" nothing happens right away. Then 60-80 minutes later. Boom, its installed.
Sometimes I get the status of "?" - Office never installs.
Sometimes I get the status of "script could not be pushed because device was not connected".

Any help would be appreciated. I just don't get it. Sometimes is flawless - most times it just wont WORK.

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Things are working better now, rarely do I get a curious failure.

Long story short:

1. UCL items key off of IP Address and KACE does not recommend you use it for something this big.
2. I am forcing and inventory and pushing the installs anyway, my network folks said we should be fine.
3. Still get intermittent "device was not connected" issues - not sure if this will resolve it but I did see a setting "Allow run while disconnected"
4. Using script to check for O365 first and then install. O365 must be removed manually first.

Best of luck.

Answered 01/29/2016 by: matthewconlon
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Sounds like you're having Kace Agent/server connection issues. Are the problems isolated to Office installer only? What Agent version are you running?
Answered 12/21/2015 by: SDNBTP
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Hard to say if they are isolated to Office install only. I have seen similar issues with the Office 2010 and 13 deployments - though those are not silent.Agent version 6.3.314 - how do I know if this is the most recent? I have never updated it.
Answered 12/21/2015 by: matthewconlon
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6.4.180 is the current agent version.
Answered 12/23/2015 by: piobaireachd
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