What is it:  Extended Attribute Descripion File

AdminStudio's Application Manager uses an XML file to describe the data that appears in the Extended Attributes view. The name and location of this XML file can be specified on the General tab of the Application Manager Options dialog box.

The default Extended Attribute description file is named EA_Default.xml, and is installed in the AdminStudio Shared folder. You can modify the data displayed in the Extended Attributes view, but to do this, do not edit the EA_Default.xml file. Instead, copy the EA_Default.xml file, rename it, make your edits to the new file, and then enter the new file name and location in the Extended Attribute Description File field on the General tab of the Application Manager Options dialog box.


The Extended Attributes functionality is per catalog. If you change the attributes or define a new EA file, the changes are applied to the next catalog when created.

So , if you are planning on using Extended Attributes, please configure this file first before implementing your complete AdminStudio / Application Catalog.  Especially when using the Application Manager as a CMDB , you might think that this could be very practical.