Deploying and Managing Reader/Acrobat can be a huge pain. For being a PDF utility, the software is very complex and large.

With the recent 11.0.01 update, Adobe has added a "fully automatic update mode" which is presented to users at first-run. I get very nervous at any mention of "auto update" and I do everything I can to stop those nasty prompts from happening.

In the past I had used the "Adobe Customization Wizard" to produce Transform files, and this seemed to work for the latest runin I had with Reader, which was the base 11.0 release. However, I was unable to find such a setting in the Customization Wizard, and so I dug into the Preference Reference as the 11.0.01 release notes suggested.

Wow was I happy I did. I hadn't known that this guide existed... and if I had found it earlier it would have saved me a lot of stress. Check it out below.