This guide will walk you through creating a Machine Label from a spreadsheet containing a list of machines.

Step 1:

Save the spreadsheet containing your list of computers as a CSV (Comma delimited) file.1


Step 2:

Method 1: Copy these commands to a .cmd file:


@echo off > NEW%1.txt & setLocal enableDELAYedexpansion
<nul set /p =^^(>> NEW%1.txt
for /f "tokens=* delims= " %%a in (%1) do (
set str=%%a
<nul set /p =!str:,=^|!>> NEW%1.txt
<nul set /p =)$>> NEW%1.txt

Save this .cmd file to the same directory as your CSV file.  Run the cmd file along with the name of your CSV file from a command prompt. e.g. create a cmd file called "commaToREGEX.cmd" and run:


c:\commaToREGEX.cmd myCSVFile.csv

This will create a new file called NEW[your csv filename].txt.  Open this txt file - you will use it in Step 4.  Skip to Step 3.

Method 2: Open the file in any text editing software that allows you to search and replace text.  Search for commas and replace them with the pipe "|" symbol which is located on the backslash "\" key.  Add "^(" to the beginning of the list, and ")$" to the end.  The result should look like:


Leave this file open - you will use it in Step 4.

Step 3:

Open the K1000 WebUI, navigate to Inventory > Computers and click "Create Smart Label." 

Create Smart Label

Change the criteria to: System Name > matches REGEX > PC_LIST
*PC_LIST is a place holder which we will overwrite.  Enter a name for the label and click Create Smart Label.  

Step 4:

Navigate to Home > Label > Smart Labels and select the label you just created.  The last line of SQL should show: 

                 where ((  MACHINE.NAME rlike 'PC_LIST')) 

Copy the text from Step 2.  On the K1000 WebUI, replace PC_LIST (not the single quotes surrounding it) on the last line of SQL with your list resulting in a line like this: 

                 where ((  MACHINE.NAME rlike '^(PC_1|PC_2|PC_3|PC_4|PC_5)$')) 

Click Save.  This label will contain all PCs in the list.  Machines are added to a smart label as they check in, so it will take some time for the label to populate.


1 Your spreadsheet must contain the list of machines in a single row, not in a column, to create a proper comma delimited file.  See this page for information on converting a column of data to a row: