Since we launched nearly two years ago, I’ve had the opportunity to reward many of our contributors with prizes. The original supply was limited and we’ve exceeded our inventory. I’m happy to say that we still have black belts to give away, but have unfortunately exhausted our original supply of stickers and t-shirts. I hope we can re-introduce these rewards again in the future, but for now we are down to the very cool black belt awards as our sole giveaways.

But you didn’t get your shirt? That does not necessarily indicate a problem. We have not shipped rewards since October 2013. We’ll be doing one last shipment soon and anyone eligible as of February 1st will have one shipped.

If you should have gotten one prior to October 2013 and did not, please make sure your size and street address are reflected properly in your profile and write me using the site contact form. The manual process of identifying who has and has not received rewards is highly prone to error. You may not have got a shirt because your address was missing or incorrect, or it could be due to a clerical error. If you became eligible after October 2013 you should have nothing to worry about, but if you were eligible sooner and didn’t get it, you may be improperly reflected in our shipping system and such would need to be manually corrected which I am happy to do if you’ll just let me know to check.

Thanks again for your continued support of the ITNinja community!