The scenario is the following: You have already imported all the users into your K1000; however, there is a field that you notice is not being pulled from Active Directory and that you know it does have a value (at least for most users). The problem here is that due to performance issues, the K1000 defines the standard fields based on the first 1000 users imported from AD. Therefore, if none of the first 1000 users have a value in the field in question, the appliance will conclude that for all of remaining users this value is also missing and will not import the attribute.

The solution is the following: Take the main account that was used to retrieve the AD information in the K1000, find it in the AD and fill in data in this field with pertinent information. You may also use the Ldap Browser and select one of the displayed accounts to define the fields in the K1000.

In the figures 1 and 2 below, we took one of these accounts and looked it up in the AD and as we can see the missing field (ipphone) has not value.

Figure 1


Figure 2


For this reason, even if you manually type the attribute ipphone (figure 3 below) in order to be included in the values to display you noticed that is not showing within the options to choose from (figure 4 below):

Figure 3


Figure 4


Adding a value in the empty field of the account in the AD (Figure 5 below) and then importing again we will see the desired option in the drop-down menu (Figure 6) and the final results is displayed in the user details of the appliance as it is shown in figure 7

Figure 5


Figure 6


Figure 7


As we may infer from above the best practice would be to make sure from the very beginning using the Ldap browser option that at least one or more of the accounts retrieved have some sort of value in all the attributes that you want to have displayed for all users.