Setup.log is the default name for the silent installation log file and its default location is the same folder where Setup.ins is located. You can specify a different name and location for Setup.log using the -f2 switch with Setup.exe.

The Setup.log file has 3 sections:

[InstallShield Silent]

Identifies the version of InstallShield Silent used in the silent installation. It also identifies the file as a log file.


Identifies the installed application's name and version, and the company name.


Contains the result code indicating whether or not the silent installation succeeded. An integer value is assigned to the ResultCode keyname in the [ResponseResult] section. InstallShield places one of the following return values after the ResultCode keyname:

0 Success

-1 General error

-2 Invalid mode

-3 Required data not found in the Setup.iss file

-4 Not enough memory available

-5 File does not exist

-6 Cannot write to the response file

-7 Unable to write to the log file

-8 Invalid path to the InstallShield Silent response file

-9 Not a valid list type (string or number)

-10 Data type is invalid

-11 Unknown error during setup

-12 Dialogs are out of order

-51 Cannot create the specified folder

-52 Cannot access the specified file or folder

-53 Invalid option selected

For a successful installation, the log file should look similar to the example below:

[InstallShield Silent]


File=Log File


Name=KiXscripts Editor


Company=RWK Systems, Inc.