Wanted to let everyone know about some scripts that are now available for the K1000 that you’ll find of interest if you are using, or considering using Microsoft App-V for application virtualization.  Best of all, you can download them here, now and at no cost!

These scripts allow you to manage Microsoft App-V sequencing and deployment directly from your K1000 console in the same manner you deploy all traditionally installed software applications.  To be clear, it does not replace any Microsoft App-V licensing or software (you still need to be compliant and have the software installed on each machine), but this does allow you send software images from either a DVD or network share to the MS sequencer and deploy that sequenced image to your client machines directly from the K1000 interface.  In addition, K1000 inventory will include all App-V installed applications from each machine, right next to all of your traditionally installed software applications. So if you are a K1000 customer that wants an easy way to sequence, deploy and track App-V applications, these scripts are for you!

You can download these scripts and a User Guide for setup HERE.  The guide will walk you through importing and setting up / executing the scripts to help manage your App-V environment!


For more information on Microsoft App-V and whether it might be a good fit for your organization, visit Microsoft's App-V home page.


We hope you find these scripts helpful!  Let us know what you think!