Hi there,


I noticed after deployment of a sysprep image and using the official Kace post install task for rename & join ( http://www.kace.com/support/resources/kb/article/How-to-rename-a-computer-and-join-it-to-a-Windows-domain-Image-Deployment?action=artikel&cat=54&id=763&artlang=en ) that the Kace folder is left behind and the Kcleanup process never happens.

Kace support team confirmed to me that this is a known issue that they are working on and plan to fix in the next software release.


Meanwhile I found this way of dealing with the situation:

In the 2_JoinDomain_x64.bat file inside the Souce folder add the following line before the shutdown command:

  C:\KACE\bin\cmdhide.exe hide && cd C:\ && rd /s /q C:\KACE && C:\kcleanup.exe && del /f /q C:\kcleanup.exe

You can add any optional REM lines...

The updated 2_JoinDomain_x64 would then look like this:


If you do not use any post install tasks, then you could just create a manual one with a batch file with only the cleanup line mentioned above.

This only applies to sysprep image deployments, non-sysprep works fine as Kace handels differently the kcleanup process there.


Good luck!