Hello fellow Ninjas!

I came across a great tool to easily create visually appealing reports for our company. Having seen multiple threads on the limitations on KACE reporting I wanted to pass along this information in hopes that it may help someone. 

  1. First, follow Dell's guide on installing an ODBC driver on your computer. I suggest the V5.2.X ODBC driver.
  2. Second, download Power BI Desktop from Microsoft.
  3. Open Power BI Desktop and when you're ready to link your K1000's database follow these steps.
    1.  Get Data
    2.  Choose MySQL Database
    Unless you have changed you Report User's credentials for you K1000, use the default credentials below
    Server: 10.10.0.X (You K1000's IP address)
    Username: R1
    Password: box747
    Database: ORG1 (Unless you have other ORGs configured)
  4. Done! Now you can create visually appealing reports! 
Here is an example of a report I created for my manager and CIO. (rotated on purpose, otherwise it would be small.)