Here again your favorite Random Dude.

Today's topic is about something a friend of mine came across. He installed the 2004 ADK on a machine, ran the Media Manager, created a KBE and then when trying to load that KBE on a target machine he got the following error:

System Error 1312 a specified logon session does not exist. it may already have been terminated

ERROR : Unable to mount KBOX share at \\sdaip\peinst, Attempt X

After talking with my friend I realized that he was running version 6.1 of the ADK. Now, this is not going to work as you might know KACE just added support for 2004 in version 7.2 and using version of the Media Manager ( you can get it here).

After that we upgraded his SDA to 7.2, and used the recommended Media Manager and it worked as expected.

See you in my next post!