MSI UI Editor

The RayPack 2.0 Beta contains a brand new MSI Dialog Designer, which extends the functionalities of previous product versions. It significantly improves the UI management interface performance and adds cutting edge features:

The following options are available:

  • Showing the list of dialogs within the current project
  • For Wise users: Showing the estimated dialog flow (individually for install, maintenance, and administration modes)
  • Deleting and excluding dialogs from sequences
  • A designer canvas, supporting drag and drop, creation of new elements, repositioning, resizing, aligning, full support for all MSI controls, adding and modifying images, RTF contents, and so on
  • Advanced visualization features provide direct insight on actual fonts, pictures, and properties. Event icons are added to controls that raise them, and native MSI technology is used for a pixel-perfect preview of the dialogs
  • Control synchronization allows to resize or change visual attributes of a control and to automatically apply those modifications on similar controls on other dialogs.
  • A sidebar with basic properties and dialogs is included for direct access to advanced settings 
  • A set of predefined dialogs for common (feature selection, progress etc.) and advanced windows (IIS, database configuration, etc.) is shipped along with the RayPack installer

Topic for the next post: Additional helper tools that come along in 2.0