Hi there,

Despite the number of post i have seen about how to manage SSO in the K1000 (v6.4), i'm still stuck.

I checked every requierement:
-    DNS
-    NTP
-    DHCP
-    ...

To connect:
I tried to put the distinguished name instead of just the user name i use to join the AD but none of them work.
Tried full domain name and just the one i used to join computer in domain.
Keep getting the following error: "ERROR: failure of the attempt of connection. Impossible to connect the object computer."

Besides, if i don't get the message above (because i change between username format), i have error log:
    [Mon Jun 13 16:52:24.055965 2016] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 41971:tid 34460488704] [client] AH01071: Got error 'PHP message: QAS: Checking     whether computer is already joined to a domain ... no\nPHP message: QAS: Reading password for \\kace_ldap@**domaine**.FR from stdin...\nPHP message: QAS:     Configuring forest root ... **domaine**.fr ... OK\nPHP message: QAS: Configuring site ... **Town** ... OK\nPHP message: QAS: Joining computer to the domain as     host/serveur-name.**domaine**.fr ... Failed\nPHP message: QAS: ERROR: Unable to join computer object\nPHP message: QAS: ERROR: Could not join to the     domain\nPHP message: QAS: VAS_ERR_LDAP: LDAP error\nPHP message: QAS: Error encountered processing ldap result for dn     [CN=serveur-    name,CN=Computers,DC=**domain**,DC=fr], err=0000207C: AtrErr: DSID-031530E5, #1:\nPHP message: QAS: 0: 0000207C: DSID-031530E5,     problem 1005     (CONSTRAINT_ATT_TYPE), data 0, Att 3 (cn)\nPHP message: QAS: .\nPHP message: QAS: Caused by:\nPHP message: QAS:     LDAP_CONSTRAINT_VIOLATION: No LDAP error string defined for LDAP error code: 19\n', referer: http://serveur-name/adminui/settings_security.php

KACE official post says the user used to join the AD doesn't need specifique right. My user is a member of the domain with no other rights.

Any idea ?