Here at Indigo Mountain we've been at it again!!    


Working on the basis that KACE Servicedesk offering is at best functional, some organisations need a Servicedesk that is function rich and highly configurable. Nothing wrong with that, but KACE, whilst it is not the best at providing a Servicedesk is outstanding at all facets of Endpoint Management, so why would you consider losing that great functionality to gain great Servicedesk, when you could have the best of both worlds?

We have created an integration appliance that takes the Inventory and Asset records, managed within your KACE environment and replicates them as Configuration Items within your ServiceNow environment, so they can be associated with tickets, calls and service records.

The integration runs on a schedule and when run, creates and updates your CI records in ServiceNow, including Hardware and Software details thus giving you the best of both worlds.

The integration appliance is a small ubuntu VM, that has a simple to use UI, so the integration can be installed and tested in minutes.

So are you a KACE and Servicenow customer that would like this level of integration? If so we would love to make our solution available to you to test and provide us with feedback.

To get involved just contact us here to get started.

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