Join our webinar on Wednesday, July 20, 2016 at 16:30-17:10 pm (+2 GMT) and attend a 40-minute live demonstration of our software packaging solution PACE Suite 4.0: 

As we constantly strive to improve PACE Suite – your essential tool for Application Virtualization and Packaging, in the release of PACE Suite 4.0 we added full support of Microsoft Application Virtualization. With PACE Suite, you can now create and edit App-V 5.x packages regardless to having Microsoft Sequencer installed to your system. 

We will show you how to: 

• Manage various package resources like Files, Folders, Registry entries, Services, Shortcuts and File Type Associations (FTAs). 
• Specify the Virtualization Levels (Merge or Override) for the Folders and Registry keys. 
• Update Product details such as Application Name, Version, Publisher, Package Name and Description. 
• Control Streaming Options to optimize an App-V package over slow or unreliable networks. 
• Use the Target OS dialog to specify the operating systems that can run the created virtual application package. 
• Select the Primary Virtual Application Directory (PVAD) value for the best result. 
• Use Advanced Options, that allow to enable visibility of the named and COM objects in an App-V package to the local system to improve the usability of some application functions. In addition, it allows enabling full write permissions to the virtual file system for the virtual application.