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Is it possible to automatically populate the submitter field in a child ticket by grabbing the user from a field in another child ticket? Below is an example of what I would like to accomplish.

1. HR opens parent ticket to notify IT that an employee is transferring departments.

2. Child ticket is created and assigned to IT with checklist of items to complete for the transfer. In this child ticket, there is a drop down list where IT can choose the employee that is transferring. This drop down list is a Custom Field with 'User' as the Field Type.

3. After IT closes out the first child ticket, another child ticket is created and the submitter in this ticket is automatically populated with the 'User' that was chosen from the drop down list in the previous ticket. This ticket is used to notify the employee that their access has been transferred and to let IT know if they experience any issues. 

I'm guessing a custom ticket rule might be able to accomplish this, but I'm not sure where to start. Thank you for the help.
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Yeah definitely going to be a custom ticket rule. I'm not very good at creating those, but definitely sounds doable. 
Answered 08/12/2015 by: brucegoose03
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