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I wanted to deploy Acrobat XI Pro but I encountered a problem, when the software is installed in trial mode.

When the program starts, it asks for a AdobeID sign in and I can´t enter a license key.

Is it possible to bypass this login screen? I already tried the options "REGISTRATION=NO" and "REGISTRATION_SUPPRESS=YES".

In our environment, we can´t give the installer a license key, because we don´t have volume licenses.

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  • Were you able to resolve this issue? We are also having the same problem and the documentation (via http://www.adobe.com/devnet-docs/acrobatetk/tools/Wizard/Customization%20Wizard%2011%20for%20Windows.pdf) does not list any information on bypassing the "trial" options.

    We are using the Adobe Customization Wizard XI tool and found some entries within the Direct Editor that would probably resolve the issue, but we are not sure of the switch or syntax to disable it:
    DIRECT EDITOR > PROPERTY > Install_Trial
    DIRECT EDITOR > PROPERTY > Install_Subscription

    [tried to do insert a screenshot, but unable to within this comment]

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  • Using the Adobe Customization Wizard and the documents provided above, I could not find any information with regards to "bypassing the trial subscription". Adobe Acrobat Pro installs, but upon first launch of the program, it asks for an Adobe ID login to begin the "trial".
  • Did you click on "Grant Offline Exception" in the Personalization Option page
  • I started over from scratch and did as you said and it worked. This time I just called the install using "setup.exe" vs calling it via msiexec. I think that's where the confusion was.. thanks!