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WSUS of Windows Server 2012 R2 is almost impossible to install and maintain. Can a GPO point to K1000 for getting updates?
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  • can you supply a bit more detail as to what you are asking, as I am not yet convinced you have an answer to your question ;o)

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The KACE System Managements Appliance (KACE SMA, formerly known as K1000), uses an agent that needs to be installed into your devices, in order to be able to scan for missing patches and apply them.

KACE has a GPO tool, to automatically setup a GPO and distribute silently , agents to the desired OUs in AD.

On they are installed, you could manage Windows and other applications patches.
Answered 09/28/2018 by: Channeler
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No as Kace doesn't patch like WSUS.

It does it through the agent(you can deploy the agent via GP). Once you have it depoyed you need to create a schedule to detect the patches that are installed or missing followed by a deploy schedule that will deploy the missing ones.

You need to specify what patches(e.g. Microsoft, third party, Security, non-security etc) you would wan't to detect and deploy. 
Answered 10/02/2018 by: PortZero
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