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Hi All,

I have one queue (let's call it "A") with only 1 owner. Unfortunately, from time to time calls are moved to this queue without changing the owner (who is someone different from the only one listed); consequently, the wrong owner is not authorized any more to edit the call, and we need an administrator to change it manually.

Is there a way to prevent to move a call to queue A if the owner selected is not the one authorized or to automatically change the owner to the one authorized when a call is moved in queue A?

Thanks for you help! 
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You should be able to use the rules wizard to set the ticket owner to the appropriate user. Also, I believe that if you set the default owner on the ticket categories to that user KACE will automatically set it to that user.
Answered 05/03/2017 by: chucksteel
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  • Thank you for your reply chucksteel.

    I do not think that the default owner solution is applicable to my case, since the calls could be generated for another queue, with a different legitimate owner, and then moved only later.

    However, the ticket rule suggestion was great! I used the wizard to generate the rule, and it seems to be working fine.