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Hi everyone,

My WIM deployments using KACE have been working until I stumbled across a problem yesterday. I could rebuild a PC over and over to my hearts content and everything would be fine, but I found that if you delete a computer account from AD and then rebuild, the PC does not get added back onto the domain. Or I should say the correct domain as it's deciding simply to add a '2' to the end of the domain and therefore join a domain it made up itself.

To clarify, if I called my domain "XXXX.com.au" and the PC was joined, but then deleted from AD and rebuilt. Upon build completion and the post-installation task of 'join domain' running, it's adding itself to "XXXX.com.au 2". I don't think I need to explain why this doesn't work :)

So, can anyone (and this maybe an AD issue more than KACE) help me with why this only happens if the computer account is manually deleted from AD?



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It honestly sounds like the machine account isn't actually being removed from Active Directory, so something is trying to make a distinct name for the machine, but that's extremely strange behavior.  What script are you using to join the domain?

Answered 05/22/2012 by: philologist
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