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I'm new to imaging tablets. Is there a step by step guide for connecting them to KACE, harvesting an image, and then deploying that image to other X1's?
It's my understanding that I need to create a bootable USB, but my main disconnect is not fully understanding how I can boot into KACE from a USB with a Windows10 ISO.

Any help for the beginner?
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  • Are you wanting to do scripted installs or images on the K2? Do you already have a scripted install you are using on other machines?
  • The steps are the same for capturing , harvesting processing and deploying.

    There are absolutely no differences.

    Like chucksteel said, easiest way is to load the KACE Boot enviroment via USB, or setup UEFI iPXE boot.



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You use the USB boot environment because you (presumably) can't PXE boot the tablet. If your environment supports UEFI PXE, then that would also be an option. I recommend that you read the relevant sections of the documentation for instructions on creating a KACE Boot Environment (KBE) and how to create a bootable USB drive.
Answered 12/12/2017 by: chucksteel
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