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Do SSD Hybrid Drives Image Slower?

02/19/2014 5977 views

Hello Everyone,


We recently switch models from the E6430 to E5440. The new models are coming with the 500GB Solid State Hybrid Drive. We first had an issue with booting into KACE, but we resolved that issue with a new KBE. We create a new WIM image and deployed it to the E5440. It took 50 minutes to image. With our past models we were at 15 minutes with 120GB SSD. So I imaged an old model with the new image and it finished right at the 15 minute mark. I imaged an older student Notebook (E6430) with a 7200RPM Drive and it finished at 20 minutes. To confirm the SSD Hybrid Drive was the cause, I transferred the Drive from our old model to our new model and it imaged right at the 15 minute mark. So it’s the NEW Solid State Hybrid drive that’s causing this. So, I’m curious if anyone else has started imaging with the Hybrid Drives, and what issues they’re having. Is there a fix? Driver? So far, we’ve only ordered about 10 of these machines, but we are planning on ordering about 1200 in the next few months, and I want to get this squared out.


The only thing I can think of is the way the Hybrid Drive works. It has an 8GB SSD drive and the rest of it is a normal drive. I wonder while it images, does it dump the image to the SSD part first and then transfers to the normal drive. If this is the case, then this would explain its slowness.



I almost forgot, we are running 3.5.80613.

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  • No should not image slower with a SSD please check the driver in Kace Drivers Feed for the model. Also I've had a few SSD fail and turned out they were DOA.
  • Are you talking about a SSD or Hybrid SSD?
  • We Have not had any issues imaging with the 500gb Hybrid SSD Drives, we have about 40 machines with that drive running in them
  • I don't have any issues deploying an image to the new Hybrid SSD. It images correctly. My concern, is the amount of time it takes to image. I was imaging at 15 minutes and now I'm at 50 minutes.

    mikesharp1 - I don't have any issues with SSD. They image perfectly. My issue is with the SSD Hybrid Drives.

    TiffinUniversityITS - Did you see a difference in the amount of time it took to image on your new models with the Hybrid Drive?
  • The imaging time for us is the same as standard rotational hard drives, cannot compare to imaging to full SSD drives though
  • It's weird though. My student machines with standard 7200RPMs image so much faster than these hybrid drives. 30 mins less. I'm going to try to look for a driver, like SMal suggested.

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you may need to add the ssd hybrid drivers to the kbe also.  ran into that on a lenovo laptop

Answered 02/19/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • I recently re-created the KBE about 2 weeks ago. Wouldn't the driver be include since its a Dell Notebook? I downloaded the pack from this link.
    I used 3.0. Should I try the 4.0? I don't have windows 8 though, thats why I didn't use 4.0.
    • it looks like as long as you have the intel rst driver it should work. Check to see if the offsets are wrong since this is an advanced format hdd.

      open a command window on that system and check alignment this way

      wmic partition get Name, StartingOffset

      Take the offsets and divide them by 4096. There should be no remainder. If there is a remainder, then your offsets are wrong and your clusters are not ending the same boundary as your 4K sectors.

      If they are wrong you can create a new preinstall task to align them properly

      select disk 0
      create partition primary align=1024
      select partition 1
      • I created two new KBEs, one with the 4.0 and one with the 5.0 driver pack. Neither one made it to the KACE menu. So I need to stick with the 3.0. I did created a new pre-install Task with your config; it ran it correctly but the imaging still hit the 50 minute mark. I submitted a ticket to KACE support. So far, no help. The support guy 'believes" its normal for the drive to take this long. I'm in talks with our rep to switch drives to either True SSD or go with a standard drive. I would be OK with the 50 minute mark, but we have a huge bulk of this model coming this summer and we have a limited amount of resources.

        Thank you all for your reply's.

        Here are the time statistics for my models (1 at a time) WIM

        E6430/120GB SSD - 15 Minutes
        E6430/320GB STD 7200RPM - 20 Minutes
        E7440/256GB SSD - 13 Minutes
        E5440/120GB SSD - 15 Mintues
        E5440/500GB Hybrid - 50 Mintues

        *Update - KACE Support Responded -
        There is nothing that can be done on the KACE side to solve the issue with the long imaging times on the Hybrid SSD drives. It just seems to be the way they're built they are going to have long lead times.
      • do you know what type and model drive is in this?
      • other thing you can try is go to
        and download the current Intel rst driver and try that one.
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