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I was able to set up a Managed Installation for IE11 using a VBS script to deploy all the prerequisite packages first then the IE11 package itself, and it works great.  I have not been able how the Manage Installation is deployed to the client and whether the console window does appear or not (I assume it will not?), but in any case, when I have the computer log on the User console of Kace and go to Downloads, and Install the IE11 software package, the Console Window with the VBS script is always displayed.  In the Manage Installation configuration I have set it up so with Override Default Installation and it runs
cscript /nologo installie11-x64.vbs

Is there a way to do this so that the window does not appear?  I guess I could try start cscript /nologo installie11-x64.vbs , but that would mean that it would flash a window up for a split second -- would this be the only way to do this?

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run it in batch mode
cscript //B test.vbs
also is it an online or offline kscript. If you use Online it will run as the system account and they should not see anything.
Answered 05/17/2016 by: cbreuer@bscsd.org
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