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We have had a serious issue with the latest version of Firefox not patching correctly (version 32). For some reason, the patch gets about halfway through and then stops, usually corrupting the entire program.

Since out primary database suite is only compatible through Firefox, an inoperable Firefox browser effectively brings the entire office to a halt. This has happened twice now and we would very much like to exclude or block KACE from patching Firefox. All other updates work fine.

Is there a way to unsubscribe from Firefox/Mozilla updates ONLY while still remaining subscribed to other software updates and patches? I assume labels would be the way to do this but I'm just not sure of the steps.



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  • not sure if you can do that, but a work around to that is not to activate new patches automatically and activate the ones you want to go out yourself
  • Either update your patch smart labels that you are using or create a new one if you are not using one and add the line:
    "Vendor" "does not contain" "Mozilla"

    This should exclude all patches from Mozilla from that label.
  • The best way is to make sure you don't include Mozilla in any patch labels. This way they never get pushed out, even if active.

    You can go the old way and create labels that only list the patches you want to download but that does the same thing as what I mentioned above, just removes mozilla from the label groups you create.

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Create a Patch Smart Label:

Vendor does not contain Mozilla AND
Title does not contain Firefox

Then, navigate to Security > Patch Management > Subscriptions | Download patches from selected labels.  This will effectively unsubscribe you from Firefox patches.

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