Currently, I notice in K1000 that there is a field for Memory Usage called RAM_USED, however when querying devices and using that label I set it > 1 because obviously there should be some sort of memory use on a windows system if someone is logged into it, however when I export the file to an xls or csv file the Memory Usage does not show up on the columns.

Is there a way with K1000 to monitor ram usage over a period of time and to send an alert to say if it is > 60

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  • So you want RAM use % instead of total RAM used?
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What you need to do is go into (Reporting ---> Notification).

In notifications, you choose "ram used" from the dropdown list.

Set it to above the limit you need.......

choose the frequency of scans for devices ...... (to check for your conditions of ram use)...

Choose recipient email to send alerts to ......

Answered 01/25/2017 by: akmagnum
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  • Now this number is it a number for the amount of ram used, like if different setups have different amounts of ram, will it just check that. Like say a user has 4GB and I want to see if they have used over 60% of ram am I setting the ram used to 2.5GB?
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  1. Go to Reporting > Notifications
  2. Click Choose Action > New > Device Notification
  3. We're going to overwrite the filter with custom SQL, so no need to change it
  4. Set the desired frequency, title, and email
  5. Save it
  6. Click on the name of the notification
  7. Select "To edit the Notification using this editor, Click Here"
  8. Paste this in:

  CONCAT(ROUND((RAM_USED / RAM_TOTAL)*100,1),'%') AS 'Percent Used'

Save it and you should be good to go

Answered 02/08/2017 by: JasonEgg
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  • Now can you add more to this like % of CPU in use or a set a threshold like if ram use % is > 60 % send an email?
    • that is the threshold for the email, because our SQL query includes it. Modify the number in the last line (.6 = 60%) to change the threshold.
    • CPU usage is not part of inventory. You would need to create a custom inventory rule to get it. See the first answer on this page: http://www.itninja.com/question/showing-cpu-usage-up
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