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How to upgrade Adobe Reader from 11.0.04 to 11.0.07 on a K1000?

07/24/2014 6125 views
Good Afternoon IT People,

I am new at my job and have been handed a K1000 to support and maintain.
To be perfectly frank I'm in over my head on this thing. I've asked for training and been denied, so I'm on my own trying to figure this thing out.
There is an existing script to install Adobe Reader 11.0.04 to our Windows systems. It looks like this:

  1. Launch “SYS\cmd.exe” with params “/C MD C:\Temp\AdbRdr”.
  2. Launch “SYS\cmd.exe” with params “/C XCOPY \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\Share\ITSupport\DeployAdbRdr\*.* C:\Temp\AdbRdr /q /s /i /Y”.
  3. Launch “%WINDIR%\System32\cmd.exe” with params “/C msiexec.exe /I C:\Temp\AdbRdr\AcroRead.msi /qn”.
  4. Log “DOS Command Issued Successfully.” to “status”.
This works. Now I need to make a script to update Adobe Reader to 11.0.07.

What I have is this:

  1. Launch “%WINDIR%\System32\cmd.exe” with params “/C msiexec.exe /p \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\Share\ITSupport\AdobeUpdates\AdbeRdr11007_en_US.exe /msi /qb /qn /norestart EULA_ACCEPT=YES REMOVE_PREVIOUS=YES DISABLE_ARM_SERVICE_INSTALL=1”.
  2. Log “DOS Command Issued Successfully.” to “status”.
And it doesn't work. I'm at a loss. Help is appreciated. Please speak in small words and step by step if you would, as I have said, I'm in over my head and there is no one to help me here.
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  • Lots of great advice below. As a side note, I'd recommend going through as many of the Kace Kontinuing Education recordings that you can stand to get yourself up to speed, since your company won't pay for additional training: https://www.kace.com/support/training/kke

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I create a managed install that targets the desired machines via a smart label (in my case, the label ID's any desktops that do not have Adobe Reader The managed install deploys 11.0.07. 

If you need help creating a smart label, search this site. 

You will want to associate the Adobe Reader 11.0.07 exe file to the Adobe Reader 11.0.07 Software record on your K1000 (Inventory-Software-Find AR 11.0.07 and scroll down to Associated Files-Browse-upload to K1000)

Once that's done, create a new Manage Install (Distribution-Managed Installations-Choose Action-Add New Item)
Pick the Adobe Reader entry from the Software drop-down box
Then select the "Configure Manually" radio button to the right of "Installation Command"
In the box below that, insert the following command

AdbeRdr11007_en_US.exe  /msi EULA_ACCEPT=YES /qn

That will silently deploy Adobe Reader 11.0.07 and accept the EULA. In my experience, it removes old versions.

you may experiment with this also:


This would remove old versions, not create a desktop shortcut, disable the update checker and suppress the EULA message.

When I first deployed AR through the K1000 I did it with the above command (using an older version of AR)

Set your Managed Action as needed and then Limit Deployment to Labels: Select the smart label you created earlier to target the machines.

Set your deployment window and let the K1000 do the rest.

Answered 07/24/2014 by: rockhead44
Red Belt

  • I used your code "msiexec.exe /I AdbeRdr11007_en_US.exe /qn REMOVE_PREVIOUS=YES EULA_ACCEPT=YES UPDATE_MODE=0 DISABLEDESKTOPSHORTCUT=1" in place of the mess I had, and it failed with the error code of 1620, which, according to here:
    The install package is invalid. Which is weird since I got it straight from adobe.

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What about using K1000 Patching? Use labels to target the right version of Reader, through patching. Use other labels to find computers with reader but not the specified version. Schedule the update. It seems to be a lot of extra work to use managed installs for Adobe reader when the patching will do all the heavy lifting for you. 
Answered 07/25/2014 by: bulletcatcher
Orange Belt

I highly suggest using the Adobe Customization Wizard for distributing Reader. I just create a new package for every update and run it against the old version and it will update...

The documentation may make it look more complex than it really is.



Answered 07/26/2014 by: jegolf
Red Belt

I just created a package with adobe customization wizard and then just used the managed install to push it. Easiest way personally
Adobe Customization Wizard
Answered 07/28/2014 by: glennvelsol
Senior Yellow Belt

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