We purchased a new K2000 with more space to combat the issue of having no space for new images. I went ahead and backed up everything and put it into a folder, and when I tried importing it onto the new K2000 it corrupted a few of them. I thought, no big deal, and went ahead and deleted those and went to go re-export everything from the old K2, and it won't allow me to, when i check the box and start export, it refreshes the page but doesnt start the export.
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  • I have experienced the same thing and found this article which tells to save the package (basically have it up the Version Number) and then export it.
    • I would like to confirm that this worked. After saving the image, just by clicking Save, the Version has increased and I was able to export it. However, Last Package Name still showed "File has been removed". Confusing, but worked.
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What color is the versions exported box?
If it is green it thinks it does not need to do it again it is current.

try going to \\ikbox\restore on the old box and see if you can see the export files.  you can use the pkg file names from the export or blow all files away and start over.
Answered 07/07/2016 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • I blew the files away in an attempt to start over, now it won't export anything, everything is gray with "File has been removed" under latest package name, much like your screen shot. Once checking the box in front of the task/image/driver/pre or post install task and choosing to export, it goes as if it were trying to export, but it doesn't actually export it. When checking the ikbox\restore it is empty.
    • go to the package manager queue and if anything is listed cancel and delete everything
      • Not one thing in the queue, it's empty.
      • you also should go to maintenance and delete unused files before starting the export, may give you more working room
      • have you tried a restart?
      • those are all the steps you can do on your own, you will need to open a ticket
      • I just ran an update, deleted unused files, and am now restarting, if that doesnt work i will open up a ticket.
      • All of your help has fixed the issue, thanks!
      • no problem, been using Kace for many years now
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  • I appreciate the feedback, but I'm still failing to understand why I cannot export from my k2000. Is there a way to "Reset" this so that it will allow me to export again? It seems like it's hung up somewhere.
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Exactly Keltonfoss,

I am having the same issue. The reason why is because if you look at your logs located under Settings, Appliance Logs, then near the bottom you will see Import & Export. Click on Export Log and you will probably have the same error that I have, which is something to this effect below:

[Wed, Jul 26 2017 12:45:14 EDT] Skipped export of K-image (Image Name), as the package has been already exported previously.

This doesn't make any sense to have a restriction on this. I mean if you ran out of space to push these images to the restore file, then I understand that, but I have room and enough space to transfer at least a couple of images at a time and then migrate them elsewhere, but no the K2000 wants to halt this from happening because it already exported it previously... I don't even understand or know how you would go about doing a weekly or daily export if this is the case. What's the case with Kace?

Answered 07/26/2017 by: houseman313
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