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I'm database administrator in IT company. We have many current projects. But I don't have any experience and I hope you would assist me a little. I operate in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. Only yesterday at 3 p.m. I got a message at opening .mdf...The header for the file 'Project1.mdf' is not a valid database file header. I suppose now I have to find any sql database recovery software or guide or trick to handle it. I feel embarassment of this situation.
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  • The best solution would be to restore from a backup if possible. If you don't have a backup, you could always try stopping the db, backing up the mdf and ldf files, restart, delete and recreate the db, then stop SQL and overwrite the files with the old MDF/LDF files. This will lead to a db recovery so you can run CHECKDB. The other option would be to purchase a repair tool to try and repair manually.

    Did this just randomly happen? Power loss or move to a newer version of SQL?

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