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I have 3 batch file have to copy from desktop to C:\Program Files\x\y after copying for two shortcut target location is fine it is (C:\Program Files\x\y ) but for other it is showing desktop location how can I solve
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  • Can you explain what you are trying to accomplish a little better? You start off saying you want to copy three batch files, but then you talk about shortcut targets. I'm not sure if you are trying to copy files or create shortcuts, or do both.
    • Sorry batch files only I was talking about I have 3 batch files copied from desktop to C:\Program Files\x\y two are targeting to C:\Program Files\x\y but other is targeting to desktop location from which I copied
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  • So the first two are OK but you're having trouble with the one that is "targeting to desktop location"? I don't know what that means. What exactly are the batch files doing?

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