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I'm having an issue testing patching/updates.

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I'm working on a new patching schedule for Firefox. I want to run updates only on machines that have Firefox installed.  In the past, when I set a schedule for updating Java, I had an issue where my Kbox installed java if it wasn't installed, so I've been treading lightly with patching.

Anyway, I was successful in testing to make sure it would update the Firefox on my test machine. I then uninstalled Firefox to make sure patching would overlook that machine, and it seemed to, however, I made an addendum to the pre and post messages and then reinstalled an old version of Firefox to the machine and re-ran the patch schedule and it continues to overlook the test machine.   When watching the patching status on that machine in my Kbox inventory, I see, "Scheduled....  handshaking... Completed".    It never updates..   I've forced inventory to make sure that my Kbox knows that I have Version 25 of Firefox and it needs to be updated, but it still won't update...    

what am I overlooking?

Thanks very much, in advance.

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  • How are you testing for previous versions of Firefox on your test machine?
  • I'm not sure what you're asking...
    I'm letting my K1000 inventory the machine. It determines that I have Firefox v25 installed, but after previously updating from an older version of Firefox (v34, specifically), then uninstalling Firefox from the test machine to test to see if the K1000 will install Firefox on a machine w/out any version of Firefox installed, the K1000 did not. However, I installed Firefox v25 and re-ran the patching schedule and the K1000 seemingly ignored the machine. Under patching status, I see "Scheduled", then "Handshaking", then "Complete", yet Firefox v25 remains on the machine. I cannot make my Kbox update this machine now.. it's like my KBOX is saying, 'I've already done it once.. I'm not touching it again'.
  • Following up on this.. does anyone else have any thoughts? I'm still unable to re-patch this test box. I've tried a variety of Firefox versions, 25, 34, 35, 37. KACE just goes through the stages of "Scheduled, Handshaking, Completed" and Firefox remains the same, not updated.

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If an application installed where one wasn't before, you have/had application installers added to your patching subscription.  With 6.3, you can specify what vendors you want this to happen with, and you can further refine it with labels.

What version are you trying to update to?  It seems that the newest is something like 38.1.  What happens if you try to update from a newer version than 25?

Also, it's very possible that big of a version jump may need the application installer in order to be accomplished.
Answered 05/29/2015 by: jknox
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  • You may be on to something about "too many generation jumps to 'upgrade'". I'll try a higher version to see if it can do the upgrade, thank you for the suggestion.
  • No dice. I downgraded to ver 37. No change in behavior... I then downgraded to 35... same.

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Hey DJ,

We've been testing patching using the K1000 as well. We have been targeting Firefox, Java, Flash & Adobe Reader. Allow me to share our experience thus far.

For Firefox, we've been trying to standardize the version of Firefox to the ESR releases by removing the regular Firefox on machines and then installing the ESR. From our testing, we have observed that the K1000 will not patch 
beyond the major version, i.e. the K1000 will patch FF ESR 31.7.0 to FF ESR 31.8.0 but not to FF ESR 38.0

This is part of the reason why we removed all other versions of Firefox. When ESR 45.0 is released, we will have to remove ESR 38.8.0 and install ESR 45.0
Answered 06/03/2015 by: egas
Senior Yellow Belt

  • So, you're saying you have to manually uninstall before upgrading?
  • yes no?
    • DJ, we did a managed install to push FF ESR 31.5.0. This uninstalled all other versions of FF
      • Good to know, thank you very much.
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