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I have student workers at our Help Desk that I want to be able to work on a pool of tickets that I assign to a group.  They will not always finish a ticket before the end of their shift, so the next shift of students will work on the tickets to try and complete. The reason I need this is because our end users want an email everytime the owner changes.  Sometimes a ticket can change owers 2-3 times in one day and then the end user thinks we are just passing their ticket around and not actually working on it even though we put comments in it; which by the way they also get emails on.

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One way to accomplish this would be to create a "dummy" user and assign it into the ticket owners label.  Make that "dummy" account the ticket owner.  Then have each student worker log his/her work on the ticket via the "Add Work" button instead of the "Add Comment".

This will solve the issue of "passing the buck" emails the users are seeing.  This will also solve the issue of users getting all comments regardless of whether they need to see them or not.

A new issue arises though, how to close the ticket?  Should the student that finishes the ticket take owner and close or should you disable the "you must be an owner to close" rule in your queue?

Another option would be creating a new queue just for student workers, but that creates issues of visibility of issues, generating reports, and someone needs to move tickets from queue to queue possibly losing valuable info.

Answered 06/15/2012 by: lind.fedora@gmail.com
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  • Thanks mlind I will try your idea. I don't want to create a new queue just for this and yes the student worker who finishes up the ticket will close in their name so they get final credit. I will try this to see how it works out.
  • I created a user label and assign all the tickets to that user I want the students to work on. Each student logs into the Kbox so that the comments in the tickets shows them as the user then instead of assigning the tickets individually they are also closed under the user label I created. This makes it easy for the students to know what tickets are in the queue they should work on and also gives me the paper trail of who did what in each ticket.