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Hi all-hoping I can get some advice and direction.
I'm trying image a Dell Precision T7910 workstation which has two drives connected to an LSi 3008 SAS RAID controller.  I can PXe boot the PC and connect into my KBE but when the image begins to process it fails as expected since, I assume,  the drives are not seen by the KBE.  To resolve this do I need to add a preinstall task to install the LSi driver to recognize the drives or does the KBE need to be altered?  If the KBE is to be altered, what exactly needs to be done?  Or, is there something else I'm not thinking of?
Quick fix is to connect one of the drives to the SATA controller and be done but I'd like to keep the RAID in use.
Thanks in advance,
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  • I would download the drivers for the Precision T7910 from the driver feed for the OS that you're going to be installing with. I would also download the LSi 3008 SAS RAID controller driver and extract the files to put into the KBE.

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