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We would like to create multiple different ques depending of the team (que) selected within an organisation

i know that this wasn't possible previously adn would like to know if this has changed, or in the maybe in the future updates

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  • It's always been possible to create multiple queues that each have their own custom fields and layout. When were you told this wasn't possible?
  • Hi
    Im new at KACE, taking over from next year, our current administrator said it wasn't possible. said each que has to contain the same fields. i though it was strange.

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You can define different layouts or custom fields for each queue.

Answered 12/11/2018 by: AbhayR
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You sure can.  I have queues for each section in our IT Department, e.g. Help Desk, Desktop, Telecom, Network, Purchasing, Applications, Public Safety, Change Management.  All have their own custom and required fields to ensure correct data capture.  If need be, each person can choose to only see their specific queue and create their own custom view for sorting or ticket status.

It is very easy to setup and manage multiple queues.  Easy to add fields or options even after it is made.  I currently have 20 different ones.  Hope that helps!

Answered 12/12/2018 by: TheNakedNinja
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