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I'm looking to leverage the Alerts feature (under Distribution) that will create a Quest K1000 pop up on connected clients.

My issue is that I'd like this Alerts feature to be accessible to a user login that is extremely limited -- not a full level Administrator. If possible I'd like a login that could *only* create and run Alerts.

The use case would be a staff manager who can send informational alerts to various staff computers -- but would not be managing or altering the computers themselves in any other way.

Anyone know if I'm missing how to make this happen in 7.2, or if this is a feature in later K1000 versions? 

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  • You should be able to leverage "Roles" for this.

    K1000 -> Settings -> Roles.

    You can just set all permissions as "Hide" except Distribution -> Alerts.

    Hopefully that helps?

    • Fantastic! That does it! I clearly never investigated Roles. This is very handy, thank you.

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kmccully above answered this for me -- K1000 --> Settings --> Roles, create new Role where everything is set to Hide except Distribution --> Alerts. Then create new user or assign existing user to that Role. 

Thank you!!

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