Using the pre-made K2000 custom deployment package to upgrade Windows has been nice except for two details:

  1. We unjoin the computer from the domain (due to legal notice interfering with admin auto logon) and then after the upgrade is done, our tech signs into the computer and re-joins it to the domain. My tech is seeing that even after multiple reboots or even shutdown, Windows is still showing him logged in to about 50% of the machines we've done so far. It can take three or four login/reboot or login/shutdown before it finally stops showing him signed in.
  2. After the machine is back on the domain, after the upgrade is done, users that were on the machine prior to the upgrade are having new profiles created when signing in again after the upgrade and the computer has been re-joined to the domain (the new user's profile becomes "username.CL", 'CL' is our domain name). This is happening on about 95% of the computers we've upgraded so far.
If I could get past our domain-imposed legal notice, which stops the admin auto logon because you have to press Enter to acknowledge the legal notice, then I wouldn't have to unjoin the machines from the domain in the first place and maybe we wouldn't have new profiles created for all existing users. I have a script in place right now to sync their original profile to their new one, but I'd really rather their original profiles work after the upgrade.

Anyone seen either of these or have experience with temporarily blocking a group policy that sets a logon legal notice? I thought about taking ownership of the registy key created by the group policy and then reverting ownership when done - but I'm not super familiar with doing that yet.

* By the way, we're upgrading from Windows 10 Enterprise x64 versions 1511, 1703, and 1709 to Windows 10 Enterprise x64 version 1803.
** Also, we don't use roaming profiles at all in our organization.

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  • I bet you are Not using Roaming Profiles....

    Anyway that is an issue you will have regardless of the method being used, you could grab the ISO for 1803 update from there and you should experience the same issue.

    The duplicates are probably because of the autologin that the Task might be enabling soemthing during the USMT phase, I'm not 100% sure.

    Now I have seen Username.domain profile is created if there is already a local Username profile.

    Log on as PC\Username will create the Username profile on the local PC....
    If you then subsequently log on as Domain\Username will give you the
    Username.domain profile on the local PC

    The USMT is probably causing it.

    EDIT: Sorry I just saw you mentioned NO roaming profiles are being used.

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I decided that unjoining from the domain before applying the upgrade was just too problematic, so I stopped doing that. Applying the upgrade while the machine is still joined hasn't caused any problems and we've gotten around the issue of our legal notice stopping the auto logon. 
Answered 08/21/2018 by: supergreens
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