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I have been following the instructions on the intial setup of the K3000.

I have successfully configured network configuration settings.

I have tried to login into the web interface to complete the rest of the setup. I can input the default admin credentials.


It accepts the credentials then switchs to a loading page were it sits and does not progress.


I have gone back through the setup instructions several times with out success.


I have double check my firewall rules and fairly certain their correct otherwise the GUI webpage would fail to load to begin with.

Hopefully you guys have some ideas, due to Support dont officially support this product as of yet. even though in the instructions your told to contact them, if any issues occur :)

Cheers for your time



Have also noticed these items failed during startup

Load Fallback Graphics Device     Failed

Starting RAPNS- APNS Daemon  Failed





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i was having the same issue(s), talked with beta support and there is a known bug where the hanging up on login using SOME versions/builds of IE. i use chrome now for accessing my vK3000 and it works great.

I was also getting some of the errors and ALOT of just outright strange behavior. the fix for those was to get the public SSL certificate installed.(outlined in the setup guide). i thought i'd be slick and generate my own self signed certificate using openssl just so i could get started and play with it before whipping out the credit card for the public ssl cert, and the self signed cert just made the k3000 just wig out. the "restart" or "shutdown" buttons wouldnt seem to work... backup's wouldnt do anything... just sit there queued... just all kinds of wierd things, and i was pretty much chalking it up to the fact that it was "beta" issues... during my conversation with beta support, i mentioned some of those, and the buy was rather concerened, so we looked at it, and he asked about my cert, so i told him what it was, and he said, AHAH!!  i whipped out the credit card, got my real cert, installed it, and the vk3000 proceeded to shut down once for every time i had hit the button, and restarted often too... once it finally caught up to itself, ALL of my test backup jobs ran.. and its been pretty much smooth sailing since (except my IE... even though my sysadmin upstairs has no trouble with HIS IE...) all the "bootup fails stopped happening too... i.e. RAPNS etc...


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  • Champion Cheers for that! Dam browser, im using latest ie9 and Chrome and working fine for them.

    Funny you mention that cert cause im literally having the same issue when saving but mine is a digi cert. And it still queuing the save settings and restarting services in most cases fails but if a relaunch the browser you can see the settings have applied but im doubtful they have really been inputted or not. Cause my cert is still showing up self signed.