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This was quickly covered in the K3000 keynote that I saw at Konference. What do the different K3000 models have versus each other, and what is the pricing? I believe I saw that it was $4,500 for 100 nodes - but are Konference users eligible for 50% discount if we preorder?

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This would probably be a better question for your rep. I don't really want to share what we are quoted, but the 50% does cover the appliance and each license for the nodes. It does not cover jumpstart.

Answered 12/17/2012 by: dugullett
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The K3000 deal for Konference attendees is 50% of as long as you order it before GA.  They guy I talked to in the Genius bar estimated that GA would be by March 2013.  On a related note, you also get 30% off K1000 and K2000 betwee now and January 31st for being at Konference, if you don't have those already.  Both deals apply to appliances and nodes.

I haven't been able to find pricing info anywhere though, so if anyone else has that, I'm also curious.  What do you mean by differend K3000 models?


Answered 12/15/2012 by: TankGirl
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This is what was on the webex yesterday





Answered 12/20/2012 by: DHarrington
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  • Hi DHarrington,

    Do you have any other screenshots from the WebEx?
    I have missed it and wouldnt mind seeing some stuff from it if possible.

    • https://kace.webex.com/ec0605ld/eventcenter/recording/recordAction.do?theAction=poprecord&AT=pb&AT=pb&AT=pb&AT=pb&AT=pb&AT=pb&isurlact=true&isurlact=true&isurlact=true&isurlact=true&renewticket=0&renewticket=0&renewticket=0&renewticket=0&recordID=66027397&apiname=lsr.php&apiname=lsr.php&apiname=lsr.php&apiname=lsr.php&apiname=lsr.php&elq=b1e352f77c9e481dbf5e33cb61bb10a1&elq=b1e352f77c9e481dbf5e33cb61bb10a1&elq=b1e352f77c9e481dbf5e33cb61bb10a1&elq=b1e352f77c9e481dbf5e33cb61bb10a1&elq=b1e352f77c9e481dbf5e33cb61bb10a1&elq=b1e352f77c9e481dbf5e33cb61bb10a1&rKey=07e89d448c175189&rKey=07e89d448c175189&rKey=07e89d448c175189&rKey=07e89d448c175189&rKey=07e89d448c175189&rKey=07e89d448c175189&needFilter=false&needFilter=false&needFilter=false&needFilter=false&needFilter=false&format=short&format=short&&SP=EC&SP=EC&SP=EC&SP=EC&SP=EC&SP=EC&rID=66027397&rID=66027397&rID=66027397&rID=66027397&rID=66027397&rID=66027397&siteurl=kace&actappname=ec0605ld&actappname=ec0605ld&actname=%2Feventcenter%2Fframe%2Fg.do&actname=%2Feventcenter%2Fframe%2Fg.do&rnd=1682071354&rnd=1682071354&rnd=1682071354&rnd=1682071354&rnd=1682071354&elqCampaignId=189&elqCampaignId=189&elqCampaignId=189&elqCampaignId=189&elqCampaignId=189&elqCampaignId=189&entappname=url0107ld&entappname=url0107ld&entappname=url0107ld&entappname=url0107ld&entactname=%2FnbrRecordingURL.do&entactname=%2FnbrRecordingURL.do&entactname=%2FnbrRecordingURL.do&entactname=%2FnbrRecordingURL.do
  • Thanks - I got into the beta to test it out, and will attend the webex this week.