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Im trying to setup a second organization.  How do I get an installer run on pcs on domain x or ip ranges x,y and z auto assign to org 2?

I imagine labels somehow? im just not seeing where to define it for the agent.

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  • You log into the system side of things and create a filter that defines the criteria for going to org 2. Then in ORG2 you add that filter so the KBOX knows where to send the machine.
  • i cant add that to org1 (default) i dint look at org 2 so i dint realize it was different. So, if it does not match org2 filters i assume it will dump to org 1 then? that will work if so.
    • Yes, org1 is the default. Any other orgs can have filters.
  • Small, just curious. why do you have so many filters for the same organization?

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You can set this up under the system level

go to Organizations - Filters and create the filter that will seperate the machines the way you want. 

Answered 01/29/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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