Are there any success/horror stories about using replication shares for patching? Currently on version 7.2, having some issues with patching and it was recommended to us by support. 
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  • We use it on a few dozen remote servers without much trouble. What issues are you running into?
    • We have had issues with patch labels failing, and numerous Kace issues on the service desk side during mass deployments. Support tells me this is because we can only push to 255 devices at a time, they suggested using replication shares to lighten the load.
  • we push to 300-800 at a time with a few different labels, but they are all spread out over 20+ repositories. A few things I can think of to check
    1 - If your repository is on a Windows OS and not a Windows server OS, it limits concurrent connections to 20. If you do not have failover enabled in the repository, the target PC will just fail.
    2 - Check to be sure the repositories are getting the updated replicated out to them completely prior to the patch deployment start. This can also cause them to error out.
    3 - If you are getting fails with Error but no other indication of the error. that could mean the Deployment Timeout setting in the schedule is too short. We had that with the high number of PCs we push to, so I set it to 5 hours and that made all the difference in the world. I will note however that if you just get the Error with no indication. that could just mean the PC didn't report complete in the deploy timeout window so it error. That PC MAY have actually patched, but just took longer than the timeout setting.
  • Lots of good advice there, thank you!
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Replication Shares are always nice if setup correctly.
This means: if you patch the files are on location and not in another location.

What do you need?
1. machine which is always online (the local domain controller you setup because of the same issues )
2. a smart label which contains all machines on the location

Then simply fill out the fields and let it replicate and you are done.
Answered 03/08/2018 by: Nico_K
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