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I tried running a Script to run an exe  with Local System and the Admin account but no luck and keep receiving Access Denied?
Any suggestions what could be causing this? The Admin account has full rights.

Win 7 UAC is off and File Print sharing is on
KAgent.log info

[2019-07-19.10:11:38][KDeploy:CreateProcessWithEnv    ] KLaunch    Error: CreateProcess Failed: (5) Access is denied.

[2019-07-19.10:11:38][KDeploy:KLaunchClient::LocalExec] KLaunch    Local command failed: (5) Access is denied.

[2019-07-19.10:11:38][KDeploy:CMIPackageMgr::LaunchPro] KDeploy    LaunchProcess: ERROR returned by KLaunch (5).

[2019-07-19.10:11:38][KDeploy:CMIPackageMgr::InstallSw] KDeploy    Managed Install FAILED (Installer Setup_3.1_x64.exe)

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  • Have you tried disabling the AV to see if that is the cause?

    Also that portion of the KAGENT.log is missing the way the .EXE is being launched, that line is needed to getter a better understanding of what is going on.

    Also have you tried using a Script with Admin Credentials to install the software?

    (Managed Installs will run as SYSTEM, some software cannot be installed this way)

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