06/19/2014 1734 views
English locale settings seem to be broken for users who want to use real English (with a locale of EN-GB). 

Leaving "Organization Locale" at default removes context sensitive help, and gives me a page not found error when I try to open documentation from Settings/Support.  However, dates are appearing correctly at last (dd/mm/yyyy) which is a good thing.

If I set "Organization Locale" to "English" then context help and doucmentation works, but the dates are now displayed in American (presumably with an EN-US locale)

So near, and yet so far :-(  Please allow us to use EN-GB, we did invent the language!!
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  • did you open a ticket to report this?
    • Yes, 433411
    • No response to the ticket yet :-(
      • I would start bugging them if you have not heard anything yet.

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