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I have machine that will not tell me what the error is . I uninstalled and reinstalled the KACE Agent on the machine Friday afternoon. It is part of my daily detect schedule and it always fails with just "Error" no code or description of it. I tried to run a detect and deploy schedule (This machine is badly out of date on patches) on it and it received an "Error" with no other descriptions. According to KACE the last time this machine rebooted with 12/05/2016 @ 08:28:06 (Which is also wrong). I checked a couple other machines that failed during my recent detection schedule today and they have "Error (Handshake Failed" for example so at least they're telling me something. But this particular machine isn't. Any ideas? Not sure if this is any help but I did run a Force Inventory on it about 30+ Minutes ago... Still has not even inventoried... and yes the Agent is running on the unit I did verify that.
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