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Hey all, 

I was following the instructions for troubleshooting managed installs over on the Quest Kace knowledge base, and managed to get to the section for checking to see if my installations ever downloaded. I went to C:\ProgramData\Quest\Kace\downloads and it looks like my installations are failing here. Nothing is being pushed to the machine, so they never even get a chance to start. 

However, the article stops troubleshooting right there. How can I move forward to resolve this? Is there any logs to check and see why these aren't being pushed down to my machines? I know everything is scripted fine to run, but it looks like I'm stuck until stuff goes. I even tested with some installations I've been using for the last year, and they aren't beinng pushed down either. Would a client restart help? I'm just kind of at an loss. 

Any help appreciated.  

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If you check in one of the test machines:
Does the MI is seen in the Inventory| Devices| <your device>| Activities| Managed Installations List?
If yes: check the logs under C:\ProgramData\Quest\Kace\
If no: go to the Software Inventory, add the OS in question where it needs to be installed and check if the MI is Enabled (test at first with ANYTIME)

A MI installs only during the run of the Script ID 6 ( c:\program files (x86)\quest\kace\runkbot 6 0 ) if a check in has been done and the MI triggers.
Answered 09/16/2019 by: Nico_K
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  • Nico,

    Thanks as always for the input! They do show up as a MI waiting to push in the activities list. Which logs should I look through in that path, and what exactly should I keep my eye out for?
  • run a runkbot 6 0 in a admin cmd.exe and check what C:\ProgramData\Quest\KACE\user\KAgent.log shows (delete it before the run to make it easier to search)

    Check for download errors (checksum mistakes etc) since I think this may be a problem. If you aree stuck, open a SR with support.