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We have kept Dotnet 4.5.2 as a prerequisite in the Installshield project.

As part of testing on multiple machines, the dotnet installation is getting stuck in the background for hours and no progress to it.


When I check in the process explorer , it is the view.


I saw a similar issue in MSDN but with no proper resolutions.

Any suggestion in how to fix this hung up issue.
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ProcMon, ProcMon, ProcMon...
Answered 11/16/2017 by: VBScab
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  • The installation is stuck up there at installing the update.Can you suggest what I should do with proccmon?
  • when I filtered with wusa,setup.exe,dotnetfx45.exe --- no results
when I filtered with wusa,setup.exe,dotnetfx45.exe --- no results
You must have another filter set that's preventing you from seeing those processes, as it's simply not possible that the process is visible in Process Explorer (which your screenshot shows) but not in ProcMon.

Also, can you see why professional packagers always, always, ALWAYS get down to the final step of any installation and run that, rather than the top-level EXE? In this case, you'd run WUSA.EXe against the MSU but add the logging argument. OK, you end up with an Event Viewer log but at least you get a log.
Answered 11/16/2017 by: VBScab
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  • That's true but we are delivering this setup file for end users not for deployment, so I need to deliver everything in a single setup file.So no alternative for me other than figuring out what is the issue.I tried finding other filters but not visible.I am just trying in default filters only and just added these filters one by one but no results.