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Anyone have any suggestions on a web base like solution to autopopulate a username/password box on a web page that pops up prompting for a username/password? I'm looking for a solution where you're not installing a tool on the machine, but that uses an existing technology such as having the web page launch a WSH or JS/VBS file...
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Who owns the web site being accessed? Is it IIS or non-MS? Is it running the web site in Anonymous, Basic or Integrated authentication mode? Are the clients using MS/IE or Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox/etc? It might help to describe your environment a bit.
Answered 10/24/2004 by: ds0934
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Depending on what kind of server is running this web page, you MAY be able to add a username and password as browser variables.

Maybe something like "http://www.YourTargetSite.com/Login?Username=Blah&Password=Blech" (the AppDeploy editor word-wrapped it, but the text is MEANT to be one line).

I DO NOT suggest this, because:

1) you have to KNOW the names of the variables, AND

2) you will be sending this information in clear-text - so it's VERY hackable.
Answered 11/01/2004 by: sean_c_roberts
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You might be able to use KIX Scripts methods: SendKeys and OnFocus to fill in the required entries in appropriate boxes.

VBScript also has SendKeys but i haven't come across OnFocus () which lets you focus on a particular Window
Answered 11/02/2004 by: oofemioo
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