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Has anyone had any luck trying to either install or importing the K2000 Remote Site Console aka (RSA) via the XenCenter...? I've tried a few methods, 1. Import in after downloading the K2000_REMOTE_3.7.113042.zip file, and 2. by exporting/importing from a VMX to OVF file format  in VMware Workstation, which was a working version of which I pre-configured. I ran in to this problem every time I tried to install it, see below:

Not exactly sure how to resolve this since I cannot do any modification with in the console while this is running. Any suggestions, ideas would be greatly appreciated...
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  • What happen if you list the valid boot devices? Do you see some valid devices?
    I may be possible that the device drivers included in the K2000 kernel are not able to recognize the virtual SCSI hard drive and so unable to mount the boot volume.
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    Marco - StockTrader
    • My problem was loading a VM within a VM because I was trying to set up a virtual test environment. Not only was this a bad idea but it would take forever for a single deployment to process through, 4 hours to be exact. I have since set up the RSA as a dedicated system on it's own which works well now without any issues and much more reliable with speed. :-)

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