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Hi Trying to deploy the above and have found deployment tips for V10, I've found the MSI's for the various components of smart board but would like to configure the notebook msi with the activation code and disable the "check for updates" in both the notebook and smart tools software. so that it doesn't need registering on each PC and if possible disable the trial versions included in notebook. I've looked at the deployment tip for V10 but don't understand some of the tips, for instance :"To disable the product updates for notebook software.msi, change the feature level for "SPU" to 0 (never install this feature)". Where do I find this "feature level for SPU"? If someone could give me detailed instructions I would appreciate it, but please be gentle, I'm a newbie!!

Thanks in advance

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>Where do I find this "feature level for SPU"
You'll find that in the Feature table, as 'Level'. You need to create an MST - a transform - to apply a delta change to the MSI, as changing vendor MSIs is not best practice. Use InstEdit for that. It's like Orca, the tool we've all used to date for directly editing MSIs/MSTs, but better!
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