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I have a label created for a specific group of computers that I want to push a MI to. The software in question is sizable at about 300MB and my target group contains both desktop users and laptop users. There is really no specific time frame where all systems will be in the office at the same time. I would like to determine if there is a method that I can use that would exempt my VPN users from the MI as I don't want to push out that software across the VPN. I'm thinking I can leverage a second label to restrict by IP but I'm having a bit of difficulty in figuring out the logic on how this would work. 

Any advice would be great! Thanks as always

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  • you are correct, you can do this by ip, have a label for your internal subnets, if they come in via the VPN you should see the ip from their ISP on their laptops.
    • how many internal subnets do you have?
  • 13 different subnets to break apart location and office floors in some cases but are VPN users do pull their IP's from a separate pool altogether so it would be easy to separate them out like Tentacle Master is mentioning below. Ideally, I'd like to find a way to combine the IP label with the label I previously created of the machines that are set to receive my MI and make it so when I get ready to push, I can force a check-in and any computers that report in with a VPN IP would be stripped away from the label that is getting the MI so it doesn't get the software push

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You can do this fairly simply if your VPN computers pull from a seperate DCHP pool. I do a similar thing where I can Identify the building one of my machines is in based on their ip address cause laptops like to move. All you need to do is create a new machine smart label and have 'ip address' 'Does not contain' 'xx.xx' where 'xx.xx' is your subnet of your VPN DCHP pool and you can label it "Non VPN". Since it is a smart label it would apply and drop off as the computers check in.

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