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Hi Everyone,

Wondering if I could get some help with the SQL code for a report.  I can't get a report to do this with the Wizard without having the results collapsed and that's irritating plus it looks like crap.  Here's what i'd like if possible...

1. List of currently open tickets from a specific location.
a. Pulls from the location field in the user accounts
b. Displays the following columns from tickets in this order
i. Time Opened
ii. Ticket ID
iii. Description
iv. Priority
v. Status
vi. Owner
vii. Submitter
c. Sorted by Time Opened
d. Filters:
i. User account location = LA
ii. Ticket status is != Closed. 
There's a location field in our help desk tickets but for some reason you can't filter on that in a report.  Maybe that's a field in SQL that can be used, but it's not an option in the filtering of a report.  I spoke with Quest's support and they told me I would need to get the report done in SQL from Professional Services.  

Is this something that someone can help me with or do I need to contact Pro Services?

Thanks everyone!
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