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I have a vendor MSI which installs several dependencies to support itself which I need to weed out. The vendor MSI also creates several other MSIs on install. One of these resulting MSIs contains the vendor app alone without the dependencies it would otherwise need to run. We have these dependencies already in our environment rendering them unnecessary. The problem is when trying to install the MSI (which does not include the dependency software) is that I get an error stating: "This package can only be run from a bootstrapper". 
I can include any/all details. I didn't bother as I wasn't sure what would be useful to include. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  
Again, thanks in advance.
Vendor: Tricerat
Software: Screwdrivers Client
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  • check in launch conditions table and Drop that cell

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- Enable verbose MSI logging (Google it)
- Run the installer
- Find the log for the MSI in question. The logs get written to %TEMP% using the prefix 'MSI' followed by random alphanumeric characters, so it'll take a little hunting down.
- Check out the properties listed at the foot of the log. That'll tell you which property is being used to determine whether or not you're using the bootstrapper.
Answered 04/05/2018 by: VBScab
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open the vendor MSI in Orca and search fro the string "This package can only...". This is shown in the event that a property is set / not set. Either set the condition so that it is always false (i.e. the message is never shown) or remove the function that shows the message.
It may also be a so called launch condition.... If it happens to be an InstallShield created MSI it might be enough to set the property ISSETUPDRIVEN to 1 passed via the command line..

msiexec /i "name of vendor.msi" ISSETUPDRIVEN=1

Answered 04/03/2018 by: Pressanykey
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  • Hi Phil - thank you for responding. I am using Installshield. I don't see that property you mentioned but there is a property named "AI_BOOTSTRAPPER_OPTIONS" whose value is set to "h".
    I suspect the value definition is unique to the vendor... is this a standard value and if so, what should I enter in place of "h" for the value?
    • Then try what I suggested first... msiexec /i "name of msi" ISSETUPDRIVERN=1